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Up and coming trends for 2019

This is the time of year for thinking ahead, planning, and considering your goals for the New Year. We are overflowing with optimism and enthusiasm to help you achieve them. 2019 Trends we see are popular treatment areas for a new you in 2019.

At Vedas, we help you make good decisions and take confident first steps on your new journey. Your desired results are at the center of your consultation with Dr. Nangrani. She never over-promises, and the clear plan you make together always leads toward your best outcomes. We take care of you at every part of your journey, and we always keep in touch.

We see these 2019 trends taking off

Restylane silk enhances lips subtly and beautifully. Lip enhancement leads our 2019 trends projection.

Restylane Silk lip enhancement

Lip Enhancement

A little goes a long way. At Vedas, we believe in helping you look naturally improved, making subtle adjustments to achieve that. Full, nicely-shaped lips can help you look more youthful. Of the many dermal lip fillers on the market, we use only the best.
Lip Enhancement

SmartLipo treated abs are the second prediction for 2019 trends. SmartLipo is always trending!

SmartLipo for pockets of fat


Looking better should not require surgery. Minimally invasive SmartLipo quickly gets rid of stubborn fat pockets that not even exercise can touch. Our male and female clients alike swear by it, whether re-contouring their abs and pecs or getting rid of their love handles. You won’t get slowed down by a long, painful recovery period on your journey to a new you.

PRP for hair restoration shows good results and is one of our predicted 2019 trends.

PRP for hair restoration

NeoGraft for hair restoration is one of two 2019 trends for balding and thinning hair

NeoGraft hair restoration

Hair Restoration

Men suffer hair loss beginning in their twenties, women in their fifties and sixties. When less of your hair is in a growing phase, you may also notice more hair loss. We can use your own growth factors to stimulate hair growth in otherwise healthy follicles. Baldness and a receding hairline can be treated by NeoGrafting healthy follicles into the balding area. Dr. Nangrani’s many satisfied clients experience natural hair growth after these treatments.
PRP for hair loss NeoGraft hair restoration

More about NeoGraft

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